Facebook Privacy Checkup : Three Step Facebook Privacy Tuneup

Facebook has introduced a new feature called Facebook Privacy Checkup that helps you easily toughen up your privacy settings on this social networking site. The feature takes only three steps to help you go through your privacy settings and tune them up. The three steps involve tuning up of the settings related to the posts that you make on Facebook, the apps that you are using through your Facebook credentials and the personal profile information that you share with everyone. This new features is really helpful in contrast to the jumbled up settings buried deep inside the Facebook’s settings section.

If you want to take care of your Facebook account’s privacy settings in just three steps, then you can use the Facebook Privacy Checkup feature. Here is how:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account in a web browser. After you have successfully signed in to the Facebook, click on the small lock icon near the top-right corner of Facebook site and select Privacy Checkup from the drop-down menu.Facebook Privacy Checkup
  2. As the Privacy Checkup screen is shown, the first thing that you have to adjust is your posts that you make on Facebook. You can choose your posts to be visible to public, only friends, only to you and you can also customize your viewers.Facebook Privacy Checkup
  3. In the next step, it will show you all the apps that are using your Facebook credentials. You may be surprised to see a long list of apps that you may have forgotten about over the years. You can remove these apps or choose who sees the app usage and activities (like the posts made by the app on your behalf).Facebook Privacy Checkup
  4. In the last step, you can view and edit your profile. Basically it allows you to quickly edit the work, education and the locations profile. You can also edit who can view all this information from your Facebook page.Facebook Privacy Checkup
  5. That’s it. As you click on the Finish Up button, it closes the Privacy Checkup screen and you are shown a message about your privacy settings.

Conclusion: The Privacy Checkup feature of Facebook is a very useful tool. Unlike grappling with the deeply buried and mysterious looking settings inside the Facebook’s earlier interface, the Privacy Checkup feature allows you to tune up your Facebook privacy settings in very easy and quick manner.