How to Disable “This site uses cookies” Warning on Websites

European Union (EU) is very strict when it comes to the online privacy of users. Many large corporations have faced hefty fines because they violated some or the other rules set up by the EU. For example, if you run a website targeted at the European users, then you must show a warning about cookies used by your website. Since almost all the websites today use cookies for various reasons, they all are now showing cookies warnings. This was cool for the first few days, but now it has become annoying and unbearable. Many sites just flash a small text for the cookies related warnings while others cover the entire screen for the cookies usage message and until you click on the “Agree” button, you cannot use that site.

Disable Cookies Usage Warnings

While most of the websites show this warning only on your first visit to the site, some other websites keep on showing it every time you visit them. If you are really irritated by these messages and warnings, then you can use the free “I don’t care about cookies” add-on for Firefox. This add-on suppresses such messages, banners, warnings, popups etc., silently in the background allowing you to use the internet without any distraction.

After the installation of the add-on, you do not have to do anything really. You can just enjoy the web browsing as you would everyday without any of these warnings appearing on websites. But if you see any website show such a website, then you can right-click on that webpage and choose Report a cookie warning from the context-menu.

Disable Cookies Usage Warnings

Conclusion: You can disable the cookie usage warnings appearing on various websites using the “I don’t care about cookies” add-on in Firefox browser. This way you can surf the internet without any of the cookies usage warnings distractions.

You can download and install the “I don’t care about cookies” add-on from