Scan Domains or IP Addresses with Metascan Online

When I encounter a new or never heard of website and I have to use it or download something from it, then I first google about it to find out if it is a safe website. One can also scan the domain name for malicious nature on a reputed service like VirusTotal and avoid visiting if VirusTotal finds the domain infected or compromised. Now Metascan Online has also come up with a similar online service that allows you to scan domains or IP addresses with thirteen different sources to determine if that domain is compromised. Needless to say, if Metascan IP Scan finds a domain compromised, then you should not visit it and avoid downloading anything from it.

In order to use the Metascan IP Scan service, you can visit the Metascan Online website, switch to the Scan section and select Scan an IP Address. Here you can type in the domain name of a website or an IP address and click on Scan IP Address button to start the scan.

Scan IP Address with Metascan Online

The scanning does not take much time and only in a matter of a few seconds you are able to see the results. On the top, it shows the score in red color if the domain is found to be compromised, or in the green color if the domain is safe. A list of sources and their individual assessment of the domain or IP address is also shown at the bottom. You can see why a source has labeled the domain as compromised. The reasons may be phishing, malware, scanner, spam, botnet or whitelist.

Scan IP Address with Metascan Online

Compared to the Google owned VirusTotal that uses sixty scanning services the Metascan Online uses only thirteen services. Besides there seems to be some discrepancy in the Metascan Online scanning results as the same URL scanned with VirusTotal shows no compromise while Metascan results show it compromised using the same source data.

Conclusion: Metascan Online can scan domains or IP addresses against multiple services to check if the domain or IP address is compromised. However, the reliability of the results stays under a little suspicion.

You can visit the Metascan Online IP Scan at