Automatically Connect to WiFi Network in Windows

After setting up my WiFi router in my home, I was seeing a strange problem while connecting to it from my Windows 8 computer. I had to manually connect to the WiFi network every time it became available. This is okay for once or twice, but after that it becomes a painful chore. So I fiddled around with my Windows settings and figured out a way to make the Windows connect to the available WiFi networks automatically. This way you do not have to manually connect to your WiFi router each time you come back to your house.

If you are also facing a similar problem, then you can also follow these simple instructions to make Windows connect to any selected WiFi network in your vicinity:

  1. Go into the desktop mode by pressing the hotkey Win+D. Then click on the network icon in the notification area. The network icon may look like a computer or it may look like signal strength showing bars.Connect to WiFi Automatically in Windows
  2. This will show you a list of all the available networks in Windows. The list will contain both the wired and wireless networks. You have to right-click on the wireless network that you want to connect to automatically and select View connection properties from the context-menu.Connect to WiFi Automatically in Windows
  3. This will open a network connection properties window for that network. You have to select the Connection tab and then select the checkbox labeled Connect automatically when this network is in range.Connect to WiFi Automatically in Windows
  4. Click on the OK button to save the settings. Now whenever you bring your Windows PC in the WiFi network range, it will connect to it automatically – provided it is not already connected to some other internet ready network.

Conclusion: You can configure Windows to connect automatically to your WiFi  router so that you do not have to connect to the network manually every time you come in that network’s range. This can save your time and make your life a lot easier.