LOCX is Simple App Locker and Photo Vault for Android

Its very annoying when someone picks your Android phone and starts to look at all the text messages you have received. You may have received important or personal messages from your bank, online shopping sites, password recovery messages, friends, special friends and family members. But some people just do not respect our privacy and start putting their nose where it does not belong. Your best bet for such nosy and obnoxious people is to use an app locker program like LOCX. This simple and free app for Android can lock any app with a pattern lock or pin lock, so that only you can use those apps and keep your personal messages and data away from prying eyes.

As you launch LOCX for the first time, it asks you for a pattern to be set. This pattern is used to lock or unlock an app on your Android device. Later, if you wish, you can change the lock type to a PIN code instead.

LOCX for Android

After you have set the lock pattern, you can start selecting the apps that you want to be locked. It shows you a list of all the installed apps on your Android device and you have to simply select the ones that you want to lock. As expected, after an app is locked, you have to supply the LOCX pattern or PIN code to unlock and use that app.

LOCX app also has another useful feature called Photo Vault, using which you can lock your personal pictures inside a password protected vault and keep them away from snooping eyes. You can access the Photo Vault feature from the LOCX menu.

LOCX for Android

From the same LOCX menu, you can also open its settings. In the settings, it allows you to enable or disable the lock, change the lock type (pattern or pin), make visible pattern, prevent from being uninstalled and more.

Conclusion: LOCX gives you some protection from the unwanted access of your apps and other data that can be accessed through those apps. It protects the app by locking them through a pattern or pin code lock.

You can get the LOCX app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cyou.privacysecurity.