Manage Windows Services with Synei Service Manager

When you start your Windows computer, many of the programs are automatically started. Some of these programs are run in a special way and are called services. The Windows services are programs that run in the background and adhere to the fundamental rules laid out by the Windows service management infrastructure. Some of these services are essential for the working of a Windows PC, while others are never used. For example, a Bluetooth service automatically runs in every Windows PC even if that PC does not have any Bluetooth adapter installed. Such services waste only system resources and can be disabled to make Windows run more smoothly. The free program Synei Service Manager allows you to quickly optimize the services in a typical Windows PC to disable the non-essential services and make Windows perform better.

Synei Service Manager shows you a list of all the services on your Windows PC. You can select any of these service and click on the Describe button to know more about these services. It provides three optimization levels – default settings (no optimization), safe optimization and the maximum optimization. You can select any of these optimization levels and click on the Optimize button to let it automatically disable the unnecessary services for you.

Synei Service Manager

If you want some extra optimization, then you can click on Extra Boost which opens up a list of some of the services usually not used by many Windows users. For example, it has services related to the Remote Desktop, Bluetooth, fax, secondary login etc. If you do not need any of these services, then you can disable them from this window.

Synei Service Manager

Conclusion: Synei Service Manager allows you to easily manage Windows services and optimize them to make Windows perform better. It can disable some of the rarely used or unnecessary services for you so that more resources are available for other applications.

You can download Synei Service Manager from