ISO to USB : Create Bootable USB Disks from ISO Images

More and more operating system companies are making their operating system software in the ISO image formats. This is specially true for the Linux operating system, but Microsoft also lets you download the preview versions of Windows in the ISO image format. After downloading the ISO, you are supposed to the burn it on to a blank DVD disk. But if your computer does not have a DVD burner or if you do not want to spare a blank DVD disk, then you can use the USB pen drives instead. The free tool ISO to USB allows you to easily create bootable USB disks from ISO images.

ISO to USB is a small Windows tool that can take any of the ISO images and burn them on any one of your USB disk drives. It can create bootable USB disks too, but only for the Microsoft Windows operating system ISO images. If you want to create bootable Linux USB disk from the ISO images, then you can use something like UNetbootin.

Using ISO to USB tool is very easy. You have to launch the ISO to USB tool and select the ISO image that you want to burn. It will read the ISO image and fill the Volume Label field automatically. Then you have to pick one of the USB disk drives attached to your system – it should have large enough capacity to contain the contents of the ISO image. You can change the file system field if you want to, but it is better to keep it at the default setting. If you are using any of the Windows ISO images, then you can also choose to make the USB disk bootable.


As you click on the Burn button, it starts to format the selected USB disk and then copy the files from the selected ISO image to the USB disk drive. The process may take longer or shorter time depending on the size of the ISO image.  It took around 10 minutes for the Windows 10 preview ISO image. You will see the success information box after the process has been completed.


Conclusion: ISO to USB is a simple and useful tool for creating bootable USB disks from the ISO images. If you are going to install Windows on your system, then you can use this tool to create the bootable Windows USB installation disks.

You can download ISO to USB from