AnyCleaner Cleans Junk Off Your Windows PC

If you want to do the spring cleaning on your old PC, then you have to start by cleaning the browser cache for all the installed web browsers and remove some of the software remnants or obsolete entries left behind in the Windows registry. Regular cleaning can keep your Windows PC running like new for many years to come. While there are many popular tools available for you to try, if you want a very simple tool without any extra features then you can try the free AnyCleaner tool.

AnyCleaner tool offers very basic cleaning options and promises to remove some of the junk files and browser cache from your computer’s hard disk. This can not only make your computer a little faster, but can also free the hard disk space. It can also work with the Windows Registry and remove some of the obsolete entries.

On the main startup screen of AnyCleaner, it offers 1-click cleaner which can run both the disk cleaning and the registry cleaning simultaneously at a single click of a button. This can be useful when you are in a hurry to clean the junk off your PC.


As expected, the disk cleaner and the registry cleaner both are available separately and can be customized to suit your cleaning requirements. You can choose which portions of the registry is to be cleaned and which items from different programs are to be cleaned.


In the Advanced Tools section, it offers a startup manager, uninstaller, and a quick way to launch the well known system tools. The startup manager lets you toggle the startup programs. The uninstaller tool lets you remove the programs installed in your Windows PC.


Conclusion: The AnyCleaner tool is a simple cleaning program for Windows computers. It is able to clean both the junk files from your disk and the obsolete entries from your Registry. You should make a backup of your system before trying this tool.

You can download AnyCleaner from