Keeper is Highly Secure Password Manager for Android

Like everyone else these days if you also have dozens of online accounts ranging from email accounts, social network media, cloud storage accounts to online banking accounts and more, then you need a password manager to help you remember all these accounts and their login passwords. Keeper is a free password manager app for Android devices that can store your account credentials in highly secure and encrypted online storage. You can store your files in there too, so it can also act as a secure digital vault.

When you launch Keeper for the very first time in Android, it shows you basic information about the app followed by an account creation screen. You have to supply your email address and  a master password to create the Keeper account. These Keeper login credentials can be used to access all the accounts stored inside your Keeper vault from anywhere in the world using any device.

Keeper Password Generator

In order to add an account or new credentials to the Keeper app, you can touch the small plus icon and type in the folder name, password and the login URL. You can use the in-built password generator to create a very strong password for the account being added. You can add extra fields and even attach files or pictures to the account being added.

Later you can touch on the account name, view the account name, password and the login URL. You can touch the login URL to launch it in the default web browser and automatically login to the respective account. As can be expected, you can also edit the information for any account at any later time to modify it.

Keeper Password Generator

Conclusion: Keeper is a secure password manager for Android devices. It uses AES-256 and AES-128 based TLS cipher suites which are considerably strong for the modern times. You can store your files along with the various account credentials inside the Keepr secure vault.

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