G Data FakeAVCleaner Removes System Tool Rogueware

The fake antivirus software or rogueware has become a real headache in the past few years. It is a special type of malware that masquerades as antivirus or anti-spyware software. It shows you non-existent problems on your Windows PC including the viruses or system errors that are not actually there, in order impress you into buying it. In the background, it is actually installing malicious files and uses program names that look similar to Windows system processes like “svchost.exe”, “explorer.exe”, “winlogon.exe” and more. Removing this type of malware can be a really complicated process, but the G Data FakeAVCleaner can make it much simple.

G Data FakeAVCleaner is a very simple and small program that can quickly scan and detect the presence of Fake antivirus that uses processes with Windows reserved names (like svchost.exe), terminates them and reboots your PC, so that you can proceed with further securing your computer. Although designed to remove “System Tool” rogueware, it can also help clean other similar malware.

Upon launching it gives a simple informational message about what is going to happen – it is going to look for “System Tool” related files and processes and terminate them. You can click OK to proceed keeping in mind that if this tool detects malicious files, a system reboot will be performed automatically.

G Data FakeAVCleaner

In a matter of seconds, you will be shown the results of the scan. If it detects something malicious, then it will reboot the PC and you can go on securing your PC further. But if it does not detect anything, then you will see a message that nothing was found.

G Data FakeAVCleaner

Conclusion: Though the G Data FakeAVCleaner is designed to eliminate only System Tool rogueware, it is also helpful to remove similar malware. It is fast and quick way to eliminate the System Tool and all its siblings.

You can get G Data FakeAVCleaner from  https://www.gdatasoftware.com/fileadmin/01_public/Products/Tools/svchost_int.exe.