Share Your Desktop Screen with Friends using ScreenTask

If you want to show your friends what you have been doing on your computer, then you have to either use a web cam and direct it to your screen or take the pictures of your screen using your smartphone and then send it to your friends. But there is one other way – you can use the free ScreeTask tool to share your desktop screen with anyone on the local network. The local network could be cable connected ethernet or the wireless WiFi network. The tool does not capture a video stream of your screen, but repeated screenshots of the screen – thus it does not consume a lot of network bandwidth either.

After the installation of ScreenTask tool, you can configure its web server in which you have to specify an IP address, port number, and the frequency of taking screenshots (by default 500 milliseconds). There is also an option to capture the mouse pointer but most users will leave it unchecked. After this you can click on the Start Server button to start the server.


After ScreenTask has started the server – it will begin capturing your screen and relaying it over to the web server. You will be able to see the URL of the server in the ScreenTask window. You can use this URL in any web browser on any computer or mobile device connected to the local network to see the desktop. Of course, if you have to capture more than one desktop screens of different computers on the same network, then you will have to use a different IP address or port.


Conclusion: ScreenTask is a simple and useful tool when it comes to sharing the contents of your desktop to other people over the local network. It can be of great help when demonstrating projects in a meeting or making a presentation to a group.

You can download ScreenTask from

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