Use SIP Accounts Easily with CSipSimple for Android

A SIP (session initiation protocol) account enables you to make phone calls over the internet easily in any operating system including Android. Although adding and using a SIP account is easy itself using the Android’s default phone dialer app as explained in one of our previous articles – how to add SIP internet calling account in Android devices. But using a special app like CSipSimple can make it even much easier to add and manage SIP accounts in your Android device. CSipSimple integrates itself into the default Android interface and allows you to make phone calls and send text messages through multiple SIP accounts.

CSipSimple starts by asking you a couple of configuration options – whether to integrate with Android (show notifications etc.), make it always available, make it available only on WiFi, make it work with mobile data plans and more. After this you are asked for adding your SIP account which is very easy in CSipSimple – all you have to do is pick up your SIP provider and enter the username / password details. If you do not have any SIP account, then you can get one from CallCentric for free.

CSipSimple for Android

After saving your newly added account, you can start using CSipSimple and dial the phone numbers to make calls, send text messages and so on. The interface of the CSipSimple phone dialer is similar to the Android’s stock dialer so you do not face any problems getting started with CSipSimple.

CSipSimple for Android

Conclusion: CSipSimple is a simple but very productive SIP client for Android platform. It makes it easy to add SIP accounts and use them to dial phone numbers by integrating itself into the Android interface.

You can get CSipSimple for Android from