PartyLine : Talk to Random People Across the World

Earlier we wrote about Omegle, a free online service that allows you to connect with people all over the world through your web browser and chat with them. But not many people fancy chatting using their web browsers and typing quickly into it. Text chatting is nothing compared to talking to random people on your phone and the free Android app PartyLine offers you to do exactly just that. Using the PartyLine app, you can meet and talk to random people all over the world and if you find them interesting then you can proceed to make them your friends.

PartyLine app for Android starts with asking you to create a user account which does not really require anything but the username and password to respect your anonymity. Since they do not ask your mobile phone number or your email number, if you lose your password (or the username), then you probably won’t be able to recover it.


After creating a user account, you can touch the pink colored Enter Partyline button and choose if you want to find a male chat partner, female chat partner etc. Touching on the Random Match shall start in searching for someone else using the PartyLine app and wanting to talk with you.


After a match is made, you are shown a screen where you have to accept to proceed and start talking with the matched person. If you feel nervous thinking what you should talk about to a random stranger, then it even shows you a icebreaker question to start your conversation. You can add this person as your friend, send your pictures and more if you find them interesting.


Conclusion: PartyLine for Android is a good time pass app that allows you to talk to random people all over the world and make new friends. If you are feeling bored then this could be very helpful in killing your time.

You can get PartyLine app for Android from