AIDA64 Shows System Info in Android Devices

AIDA64 has been a system information tool for Windows operating system for a long time. And now they have finally released their AIDA64 app for the Android devices that can show some of the detailed system information for your Android based devices. It can display information related to many different categories like system (overall system information), CPU, display (screen and GPU), network (mobile network and WiFi), battery, Android OS, devices, temperature, sensors, installed apps, system folders, system files and more. It works for all the Android devices no matter what type of SoC they are using.

AIDA64 for Android

As you launch the AIDA64 app for Android, you can see all the different categories under which your device’s system information is displayed. Selecting any of these categories will show you more information under that category. For example, the System category shows you a basic summary about your device like manufacturer, brand, model, RAM, storage memory etc. Similarly, the CPU category displays you about the SoC in use by your device. For my test device it displayed the MT6582 processor, number of cores and the CPU frequency.

AIDA64 for Android

Under the Android category you can see the version of Android OS that you have been using, Android kernel version, Java Runtime version and other Android system related information. This can be useful when buying used phones (over ebay for example) as some of them use custom ROMs that show a different version of Android to deceive the customers.

AIDA64 for Android

Under the Devices category you can see all the different hardware used by your device like the front camera, rear camera, hotknot or NFC, USB devices, PCI devices and so on. There is simply so much information displayed under many other categories that it is not possible to cover every single item being listed by the AIDA64 app. But AIDA64 does a great job and covers all the possible information that could be displayed for an Android device.

Conclusion: If you want to see detailed system information about your Android smartphone, then you can use the trustworthy AIDA64 app that can display system information under more than a dozen different categories.

You can download AIDA64 Android system information app from