Synchronize Bookmarks Across Devices in Opera Browser

With the latest version of Opera comes a new feature – synchronization of bookmarks across many different devices. Using the synchronization, you can bookmark any web page on any of the devices running Opera web browser and the bookmarks shall be synced across all those devices. Of course, the synchronization feature works only if you are signed into your Opera account in the Opera web browser. The synchronization feature is now available in all the Opera browsers like Opera desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux, Opera Android browser and the Opera Mini browser for Android and iOS.

For enabling the synchronization of bookmarks in Opera, all you have to do is sign-in to your Opera account. If you do not have an Opera account then you can create one for free. This is how you can enable bookmark synchronization in Opera in the desktop browser:

  1. Click on the big red Opera icon on the top-left and then select Synchronization option from the menu that shows up. If you have already signed into your Opera account, then this option is not displayed.Opera Synchronize Bookmarks
  2. You will be asked to sign into your Opera account or create a new Opera account. You can create a new Opera account right from this interface by supplying a user name, password and the email address.Opera Synchronize Bookmarks
  3. Once you have signed in, you can click on the user icon near the top-right corner of the Opera to see that synchronization is enabled which enables bookmarks synchronization by default.Opera Synchronize Bookmarks

In your Android smartphone, you can touch the Bookmarks icon in the Speed Dial to open the Bookmarks list and then touch the synchronization button near the top-right. As with the desktop version of Opera, you have to sign in to your Opera account to enable the bookmarks synchronization.

Opera Synchronize Bookmarks


Conclusion: Opera’s bookmarks synchronization feature is very productive and can help users access their bookmarks across multiple devices and multiple platforms. And there is nothing much to do in order to enable the bookmarks synchronization other than signing into your Opera account.