Disable Google Keyboard Data Sharing in Android

As you start to use your brand new Android phone, you may see a notice regarding the data sharing by the Google Keyboard in order to improve the keyboard app in the future. While some people may actually read this notice, many are just too busy to go through it and take any action – whether to allow the data sharing or disable it. Though there is no harm in sharing this type of data with a reputed and security conscious company like Google, some of us paranoid ones just do not want to share this kind of data. Fortunately, Google is very nice and has made it very easy to turn off the data sharing in Android.

If you want to disable the Google Keyboard data sharing in your Android smartphone, then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Android settings by touching the menu button when you are on the home-screen and selecting Settings or Android Settings.
  2. On the settings screen scroll down and select Languages & Input option from under the Personal category.Turn off Google Keyboard Personalized Settings
  3. On the Languages & input screen touch the settings icon displayed next to the Google Keyboard in the list of all the different keyboards installed.
  4. This will open the Google Keyboard settings screen where you can toggle the Personalized Suggestions option in order to turn off any sort of data collected when you use Google apps, services and type using Google keyboard.Turn off Google Keyboard Personalized Settings

Conclusion: Google Keyboard shares some of the data from what you type in your Android smartphone. Though it is completely harmless, you can still turn off any type of data sharing easily.

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  1. This is a bit like the Samsung Smart TV that had the option for users to disable the ‘collection of data’ function.

    When this option, to deactivate ‘collecting’ data was checked it still went ahead and spied on you anyway! The Surveillance State thinks we’re all idiots.

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