TimeComX : Easily Schedule Tasks in Windows

When it comes to scheduling of various tasks in a Windows PC, everyone jumps at Windows’ own Task Scheduler program without realizing how difficult it can become at times to manage various scheduled tasks in it. If you are not a Windows geek who finds comfort in juggling around various Task Scheduler settings, then you may have to look else where for simple task scheduling. If you want something much easier and as efficient as Windows’ Task Scheduler, then you may have a try at the free TimeComX software.

TimeComX can be thought of a simple version of the Windows’ Task Scheduler. It comes both as 32-bit and 64-bit version and can also be used in the portable mode. In the TimeComX application, you have to choose events and tasks that will be performed at those events. You can select events from many different types  – simple counter, advanced counter, daytime and the activity monitor.


After selecting any one of these events, you can proceed to choosing a task. You can choose tasks from restarting, shutting down, sleep or hibernate Windows, turn off display, lock PC, run a program, play audio file or open a URL in the default web browser. You can also set a countdown warning under “Extras” that will show you an alert a few seconds before the task is performed. You can schedule the task to be performed at the set events by clicking on the small play button at the bottom.

In the settings of the TimeComX, you can choose to autostart the program with Windows, password protect the program to prevent it from unauthenticated use, enable or disable the add-ons for the program, choose localization settings and more.


Conclusion: TimeComX is a simple task scheduler for Windows for those people who do not want be bothered by the complex settings of Windows’ own Task Scheduler. TimeComX can fulfill all your task scheduling requirements without making you take a short-term computer course in the community college.

You can download TimeComX from http://www.bitdreamers.com/en/products/timecomx.