Fix Corrupt & Damaged JPEG Pictures with JPEG Repair Shop

USB flash drives have made life easy when it comes to storing files as they can be used everywhere – not only in the desktop and notebook computers, but also in printers and smartphones and tablets. But sometimes the files on the USB flash disk drives may get corrupt because you removed the disk drive from the computer too soon. I had a similar problem when the JPEG pictures I was trying to copy from my smartphone to my USB pen drive were getting corrupt for no explicable reason. Fortunately, I fixed the JPEG files using the free JPEG Repair Shop tool that can add missing file blocks inside the JPEG files to repair them.

JPEG Repair Shop website recommends that you should work on the corrupted files as soon as possible without trying to edit them using any other tool. So if you have corrupt JPEG files that do not show up as intended in the image viewer, then you can start the JPEG Repair Shop and select the image directory where your corrupt files are located.

JPEG Repair Shop

You will have to click on the back and forward buttons to go through the images until you you find the target image. In the image click on the block that shows the start of deformation or corruption. If the rest of the image below the selected block seems to shift to the right, then click on Remove MCU. Similarly if the corrupted portion seems to be shifted to the left, then click on Insert MCU. When all the picture has been shifted back to look almost as good as expected, you can select the block where the corruption starts and click on the Fix Colors button.

JPEG Repair Shop

After you feel satisfied, you can save this image. Some of the  blocks shall remain as holes as the data for those blocks has gone missing, but you can use a program like GIMP to repair those.

Conclusion: JPEG Repair Shop is a simple but smart tool that can help you repair some of the corrupt JPEG files that might be corrupted during network transfer. It uses original data contained in the JPEG files to repair them.

You can download JPEG Repair Shop from

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  1. I have used JPEG Repair Shop, its the only tool that actually does the job. However there are few things you need to remember.
    If you cannot open the image then you need to open in faststone image viewer and then batch save the images to the same location.
    If the editing box is too small then you need to resize your photo by 200% or 50% to get the edit square to be the same size as the square in the image.

    I do wish it allowed you to just enter the number of squares you want to move but unfortunately the present version doesnt do that.

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