Pocket Lock : Auto Lock Android Smartphone when in Pocket

More and more smartphone manufacturers are bringing smart gesture based features to their products. In many of the new smartphones you can unlock and launch a particular app just by drawing a letter on the screen. In some of the phones, you can wave your hand over the proximity sensor to perform various actions. Now some of the phones are also coming with a feature that auto-locks the smartphone when you put it in your pocket. You can have this “auto-lock when placing in the pocket” feature in your Android smartphone using a free app called Pocket Lock.

Pocket Lock requires your Android smartphone to have both the proximity sensor and the gravity sensor. The proximity sensor and gravity sensor both together can be used to determine whether you have placed your smartphone in your pocket. Using these sensors Pocket Lock can then auto-lock the smartphone. After you have installed Pocket Lock in your Android smartphone, you have to activate the administrator mode and run the related service. Now you can place the phone in your pocket (in such a way that the sensors near the top get covered), and see that it auto-locks the phone.

Pocket Lock for Android

Pocket Lock does not only lock the smartphone when placed inside the pocket, but it can also lock the smartphone when you place the smartphone face down. In the Pocket Lock app’s preferences, you can choose which of the sensors are to be used for locking / unlocking the device, for which apps the phone should not be locked, how much delay should be there before locking / unlocking, make some sort of notification (beep or vibrate) when the phone is locked or unlocked and more.

Pocket Lock for Android

Conclusion: Pocket Lock auto-locks your smartphone when you place it in your pocket or face down on the table. This can help you not only rid of clicking that hard power button over and over again, but can also help prolong your phone’s battery life and prevent unintended phone calls when the phone is in your pocket.

You can get Pocket Lock app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.paep3nguin.pocketLock.