Folder Lock for Android Shields Private Files inside a Vault

I recently bought the new Asus Zenfone and soon everyone wanted too see how it feels in their hands. Every time someone takes my smartphone in their hands to check it out, I feel a little bit concerned about my privacy. You can call me paranoid, but I do not feel easy about everyone viewing my banking statements or dating pictures stored in my phone. So now I have turned to the free Folder Lock app that locks all my private files inside an invisible vault that only I can access by entering the correct password. This way even if other have physical access to the device, they won’t be able access my personal files, media and documents.

The Folder Lock app for Android starts by asking you to configure a password which will be later used to access the files. After this you are taken to the main interface where you can view and add files to different categories photos, videos, audio, documents and so on. You can also configure cloud backup to upload your files over a cloud storage if you do not want to store everything on the local SD card.

Folder Lock for Android

In the settings for the Folder Lock, you can choose a login option (password, PIN or pattern), cloud backup, data recovery, storage options, decoy password, panic switch and more. You can also configure recovery of the security credentials through the email address that you provided in the beginning.

Folder Lock for Android

If you find adding the files to the Folder Lock app in Android a little bit tedious, then you can switch on the web interface and access Folder Lock via a browser on your Windows, Linux or Mac computers. Just enter the IP address specified by the Folder Lock app, enter the security credentials and you will be given full fledges web interface for the Folder Lock. From the web interface, you can perform all the operations like adding new files, downloading or viewing the files, deleting older files and so on.

Folder Lock for Android

Conclusion: Folder Lock keeps your private files private on your Android smartphone. It stores all your file inside a password protected vault and allows easy access from a PC or Mac through the web browser.

You can download Folder Lock app for Android from