TinyScan : Scan and Save Paper Documents as PDF Files

If you have an Android smartphone with a powerful camera then you do not really need a scanner to scan your documents. You can use the camera from your smartphone to scan any and every document into a PDF file. If you use the camera app, then you may snap the documents at an angle and it does not look like a scanned image. But with specialized apps like TinyScan you can actually correct the scanned image by stretching or skewing it to a rectangular format. The TinyScan app then can save the scanned image in the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF file format.

In order to scan a document, you should put on a contrasting colored even surface. For example, in order to scan colored documents, place them on a white surface and to scan white documents, you can place them on a darker surface. But it is not necessary, TinyScan can work even without the ideal conditions. Since the TinyScan app can use the flash light from your smartphone, you do not have to worry about ambient light.

TinyScan for Android


After this you can fire up TinyScan app and snap the picture of the document. As soon as the document is snapped, you can set the boundaries of the document by dragging the corner points on your touchscreen. You can also set the document paper sheet size (like A4, A3, Letter etc.). You can touch the check mark when satisfied.

The next screen will allow you to save the scanned document into a PDF file. In the settings, you can choose the default paper sheet size, the scanned color settings (B&W, greyscale, color, photo etc.), WiFi driver and more.

TinyScan for Android

Conclusion: TinyScan app can be very useful when you want to scan documents where a scanner is not available. It can use your Android smartphone’s camera to scan the documents and can save them in the PDF format.

You can get the TinyScan app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appxy.tinyscanfree.