Greenified for Android Makes Battery Last Longer

There is simply no need to feel envious of your friend’s latest Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Apple iPhone phones that keep running for days without charging the battery even when so many apps are installed on them. You can also make the battery of your affordable Android smartphone last as long as those industry giants easily with the help of the free Greenified app. The Greenified app employs a very simple trick to save the battery power – it darkens all the pixels on the Android screen so that the consumption of battery charge through the large screen goes down considerably.

Greenified app is as simple to use as is the technique it uses to reduce the battery usage. You can just launch the app and touch the big Go Greenified button to enable the reduced intensity pixels on your smartphone touchscreen. You can instantly notice the screen brightness of your smartphone screen go down a little. The brightness is still good enough for regular use, but if you want to engage in an activity that requires full brightness of the screen (for example, graphics editing, watching movies, taking snaps or going through your collection of pictures), then you can Stop the Greenified app and return back to the old bright screen.

Greenified for Android

In the settings for the Greenified, you can make it automatically start with Android, add Greenified icon to the notification bar, change the intensity and the brightness of the screen when the Greenified effect is applied.

Greenified for Android

Conclusion: Greenified app for Android can make the battery last longer on your Android smartphone without having to close down any background processes or apps. This way you can enjoy the same power of your Android device without worrying about running out of the battery charge soon.

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