SSD-Z Shows Detailed Information for SSD Drives

SSD drives are considerably faster than their HDD counterparts. Perhaps this is why the newer computers, whether they are desktop PCs or the notebook computers, are now coming with SSD drives for faster performance. The older HDD drives take a longer time because of their mechanical design, while the newer SDD have no mechanical parts and therefore can store and retrieve the data easily without any delay. While SSD drives show a much improved speed performance, they have a shorter life span compared to the HDD drives because of the limited number of times NAND memory can be flashed and reflashed. So there will come a time when you may have to replace your SSD drive. For this, you need some information about your older SSD drive which you can obtain easily using the free SSD-Z program.


The SSD-Z program is a portable program for Windows that can show you information about your SSD as well as HDD drives. The program displays information for the controller, processing technology, NAND memory type, drive capabilities, interface (SATA I, II or III) power cycles, S.M.A.R.T status (if it is enabled in the BIOS/UEFI), capacity, bytes written so far, power cycles and other information.

You can also perform basic benchmark on the SSD and HDD drives installed in your PC. In order to perform the basic benchmark, you can switch to the Benchmark tab and click on the Benchmark button. It runs various types of sequential read tests, random read tests and a random access test. The results are displayed immediately in the same window.


Conclusion: SSD-Z is a simple portable program that can display detailed and advanced information about your SSD and HDD disk drives. It can also perform some of the basic benchmarks on the selected drives.

You can download SSD-Z program from