How to Use Google Inbox Snooze in Android

The Snooze features for the Google Inbox are very popular. Using these snooze features, you can postpone an event for a later time or place. For example, if you receive a business proposal through email, but you are too busy to consider it properly, then you can snooze the email message until evening or tomorrow. Similarly, if you want to snooze an event until you reach a particular location (your home, your work place, a different city or another country), then you can also snooze it until you reach that place. Google Inbox Android app has recently upgraded these “snooze” features and now you can actually customize the snooze times and places.

In order to customize the snooze times for generic terms like morning, evening and afternoon, you can open the Google Inbox app settings, select Snooze Settings and then choose the custom times for the morning, afternoon and evening.

Google Inbox Snooze

After you have customize the times for snooze terms, you can go ahead and start snoozing the events in your Google Inbox. For example, select any email message by long touching on it, and then touch the timer icon on the top. Now you would be able to select the time until which you want to snooze it. You can choose morning, afternoon, evening, tomorrow, next week, customize date and time, choose a place etc.

Google Inbox Snooze

You can view all the snoozed events from the snoozed section of the Google Inbox app. Just open the Google Inbox menu, and select Snoozed and it will show you all the messages that you have snoozed. You can move any of the snoozed items back to the Inbox by touching the pin icon on the top.

Google Inbox Snooze

Conclusion: Google Inbox Snooze allows you to snooze or postpone action on certain messages and events. This way you can take your time when replying to important emails.

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