Avira Android Optimizer Tunes up Android Device

If your Android smartphone is more than six months old, then it is time to give it a thorough cleaning to get rid of all the junk and gunk that is affecting its performance. In order to gain the peak performance from your device, it should be cleaned periodically so that all those files left behind by the apps that no longer exist, the large call logs and the unwanted apps can be removed. All these tasks and more are beautifully handled by the Avira Android Optimizer app. This app works as a typical smartphone cleaner and optimizing tool.

As you launch the Avira Android Optimizer app, it shows you the amount of free RAM and the size of storage being used in your device. It offers one-touch optimizer function that you can run by touching the One-Tap Speedup button. This will quickly free up your device’s RAM and make it work smoother.

Avira Android Optimizer

It also has options to manage apps through which you can remove installed apps from your device. It makes you decide better as the storage space consumed by each of the apps is clearly listed against them. Similarly, you can clean the space used for the cache by different apps. You can also clean the private data stored by you on your device including call logs, browser history,  clipboard data and the app cache for many different apps that store your personal information.

Avira Android Optimizer

Conclusion: Avira Android Optimizer offers simple interface to clean and optimize your Android devices to improve their performance and gain the storage space otherwise consumed by many different apps.

You can download the Avira Android Optimizer app from http://www.avira.com/en/avira-android-optimizer.