WiFi Mouse Turns Android Smartphone into Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Technology is very addictive and I recently had an experience of this very fact. I was watching Netflix happily on my Windows computer when suddenly my wireless mouse stopped working. I recharged it for about half an hour but still it showed no signs of coming back to life. All those people who love Netflix on your PC know how important it is to have a wireless mouse when watching movies from the comfort of your couch. Since it was midnight and I did not want to venture outside, I looked for alternatives and soon found out about WiFi Mouse app.

The WiFi Mouse app for Android can turn your Android device into a wireless mouse + keyboard combo. Although not as perfect as a real wireless mouse or keyboard, it is ideal for situations when you do not have access to wireless mouse or your wireless mouse has gone bad. In addition to the wireless mouse and keyboard, it also offers other paid features like media control, Internet Explorer control, Power Point presentation control etc.

As you can guess, you have to install a server software on your PC so that you can control mouse and keyboard from your Android device. This WiFi Mouse server software is available for all the popular platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. After installation of the server, note down the IP address of the server (it is same as your computer’s internal IP address on the WiFi network). Both the PC and Android device should be connected to the same WiFi network.

WiFi Mouse

Now you can install the WiFi Mouse app in your Android device and proceed with the detection of the server. You can identify the server using the IP address you noted down earlier. Touching on the link icon next to the detected server will link it to that server. After this, you can start to use the WiFi mouse, keyboard and other features. The WiFi Mouse app works from any distance that is covered by your WiFi network which is typically 30 meters for a 3dB antenna WiFi router.

WiFi Mouse

Conclusion: WiFi Mouse app can turn your Android device easily into a wireless mouse and keyboard combo. You can also control windows, media players and web browsers using special controls available in the WiFi Mouse app.

You can download WiFi Mouse client and server software from http://wifimouse.necta.us/.