Caller ID and Call Blocking in Android with Facebook Hello Dialer

Facebook has come up with a new app called Facebook Hello. It is a replacement dialer app for the basic Android phone dialer. It can not only dial phone numbers for you, but can also show you the Facebook ID for the incoming phone calls and can block unwanted phone calls. The phone dialer is exactly the same as offered by the Android Lollipop. When you receive a phone call, it checks the phone number with its Facebook database and shows you if that phone number is connected to one of the Facebook accounts. But your phone must be connected to the internet for the caller ID to work.

As expected, Facebook Hello requires you to have a Facebook account. You have to sign in using your Facebook account and the app cannot be used without a Facebook account. After you have signed in, you are shown all the features of the Facebook Hello app – caller ID, call blocking, searching for people and the auto-syncing with latest Facebook accounts information.

Facebook Hello

Facebook Hello app has a phone dialer just like the regular Android dialer and you can see the call history, contacts list etc. In the settings, you can configure caller ID and the call blocking features. You can also delete the call and search history.

Facebook Hello

When you receive a phone call on your Android phone, you are displayed the Facebook account associated with that number as the caller ID. However if you receive a phone call from a number not associated with any Facebook account, then you are shown “No match found” message for its caller ID.

Facebook Hello

Conclusion: Facebook Hello makes your smartphone even smarter by adding caller ID and call blocking services. The caller ID works in conjunction with the Facebook and shows you the Facebook account associated with the phone number of the caller.

You can get the Facebook Hello app for Android from