Control Android TV Using Your Android Smartphone

Android is not just the operating system for smartphones and tablets, it also powers many smart televisions. Samsung Smart TV, Mele TV Box etc., are all powered by one or other variants of the Android OS. Although all the Android based TV and TV boxes come with their own remote controls, you can control your Android based TV set using your Android smartphone using the Android TV Remote Control app. This way you do not have to find which remote you use to control the TV when you have your smartphone in your pocket.

In order to use the Android TV Remote Control app, you must have both your smartphone and the TV box connected to the same WiFi network. It is usual to have both the TV box and the smartphone on the same WiFi network when you are in your home. Most homes have only one WiFi network. After you have installed the Android TV Remote Control app in your phone, it will start to detect all the available Android TV sets and set-top boxes. You have to select one of the TV sets from the list so that your smartphone is connected to one of the selected TV sets.

Android TV Remote Control

After this you would be able to control the TV using the regular up-down and left-right buttons to change the channels and volume level. You can also use the microphone to access Google voice navigation. There is a touchpad available in the app through which you would be able to play games on your Android TV set.

Conclusion: Android TV Remote Control app makes it very convenient to control your TV or set-top box using your smartphone. And it does not need any extra piece of hardware to connect your Android based smartphone and the TV. All you need is that both your phone and TV are using the same WiFi network.

You can get the Android TV Remote Control app from