Find Everything in Android with Google Gesture Search

Has it ever happened to you that you were looking for a particular setting, but could not remember where was it located in Android? It has actually happened to me many times. Whenever I reset my Android smartphone, the first thing I want to do is disable the vibration in the keyboard (it is very annoying). But I always forget where to find for that option in Android. I usually I have to go through all the settings in Android one by one to look for a setting. But ever since I have installed the Google Gesture Search in Android, things have become extremely easy.

Google Gesture Search app allows you to search through all the apps, settings, music, browser bookmarks, contacts etc., just by making a gesture on the screen. So when you have to look for vibration related settings, you can just open the Google Gesture Search and start to write “vibration” on the screen and it will show you all the apps, settings, bookmarks or contacts that have a matching name.

Google Gesture Search for Android

If you do not want it to search the contacts or music etc., then you can change the Google Gesture Search settings and specify which categories of items should be searched. Basically, selecting all the categories has no impact but if you have a large music collection then it is a good idea to leave the “music” category unchecked as it would make the search a little slower.

Google Gesture Search for Android

Similar to searching by drawing names of various things stored on your mobile device, you can also search the contacts by drawing their phone numbers. You do not have to draw the names or numbers from the start, but you can also draw them from the middle too. For example, if you want to search for a phone number +1-212-5453625 then you can draw 453 and it will still find it for you.

Conclusion: Google Gesture Search makes it extremely easy for you to search through contacts, apps, settings, music collection, and the browser bookmarks in your Android smartphone just by drawing letters and numbers on the screen. Using this app, you can find even the settings that are hidden deep inside Android and are generally overlooked.

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  1. What happened to the Gesture Search app?! I just got a new phone but do not see it in the playstore.

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