Whistle to Find Your Android Phone

A few months ago I lost my Android phone somewhere in the house. Is turned everything upside down and made a mess of everything but could not spot it anywhere. I knew that it is somewhere inside the house, but it was nowhere to be seen. I could have called my mobile number, but that day my land line phone was not working and I did not want to disturb my friends in the middle of night. In this struggle to find the phone, I actually ended up finding some other objects that I had taken as completely lost – an apartment key to my old place, a never opened box of chocolates that I bought three years ago and some Superman comic books that I suspected were stolen by my good friend George. After thoroughly ransacking through the house one more time, I finally located the lost phone happily sitting on the refrigerator.

Having gone through such an ordeal once was enough to make me take some action against such accidents in future. So I carefully researched the matter and found a fantastic app called “Whistle and Find”. If you are using this app, then you can just whistle and your phone will play back some sort of music – helping you to locate the phone instantly. It is like whistling for your dog and cat to see where they are. Can anything be simpler than whistling?

After installing the app, you have to do a couple of things in order to use this app. First of all you have to choose a music file that will be played when you whistle at  your phone. I personally selected a blow horn music file as it is both loud and easily heard even in a noisy place like a restaurant. Then you can choose whether you want to repeat the music file and whether you want the phone to vibrate – both of these are good options and should be selected. Finally, you have to toggle the Whistle and Find service to ON state so that your phone starts to listen to any possible whistles.

Whistle and Find

In the case you misplace your phone or it gets stolen, just put your fingers in your mouth and whistle loudly. Your phone will hear it and play the pre-selected loud music. This way you can quickly locate the phone if it is not too far away. In case of the theft, you can easily locate the thief and retrieve your phone before they can run away.

Conclusion: Whistle and Find app allows you to find your lost phone just by whistling at it. The whistle is heard by the phone’s mic and the app plays back a loud music file helping you easily locate the phone.

You can get the Whistle and Find app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.blenyApp.phonefinder.