Free Up System Memory with Mem Reduct in Windows

There is a virtual competition between the computer hardware and software companies. As soon as the hardware manufacturers come up with faster processors and larger memories, the software industry tries to maximize the hardware usage for better performance and the end users find themselves back at square one. Even though the computer hardware has become much more powerful in past few years, the operating systems are also now much more demanding and consequently we still have to struggle with problems like the lack of system memory or programs consuming too many system resources. If your PC is suffering from sluggishness or it becomes unresponsive, then you can try Mem Reduct and free up system memory taken up by various processes.

Mem Reduct is a small portable software for Windows that can free up system memory automatically or on-demand. As soon as you launch the Mem Reduct app, it places itself in the Windows notification area and displays the percentage of the RAM consumed by different programs. It is pre-configured to clear up the memory after every few minutes so you may see the amount of consumed RAM change in the system tray.

Mem Reduct

You can double-click on the notification area icon to open the main Mem Reduct interface where it displays the amount of used and free physical memory (RAM), page file and the system working set. You can click on the Memory Reduction button to free the memory.

Mem Reduct

In the settings for Mem Reduct, you can choose the basic options like automatically starting with Windows, automatically memory cleaning when usage reached 90% of the total RAM, keyboard hotkey for cleaning the RAM and more.

Mem Reduct

Verdict: Mem Reduct is a very simple, lightweight and effective memory clearing program for Windows. It can clear the memory automatically and allows you to clear it on-demand as well.

You can download Mem Reduct from