Try Tattoos Virtually on Android with Tattoo My Photo

A long time ago we published on our website about how you can try out new tattoos online without actually getting them done for real. Since then smart phones have become so popular that now everyone wants to do the same thing on their smart phones. Fortunately, there are more than a dozen apps that can help you try new tattoos for free if you own an Android smartphone. But the best app of them all is the Tattoo My Photo app. It allows you to  try out new tattoos either by taking a new picture using the phone’s camera or by using the existing pictures.

You can start by touching the big Gallery button in the Tattoo My Photo app. This will ask you whether you want to take a fresh picture using your camera or if you want to use an existing picture from your phone. Try to pick a picture that shows the body portion where you want the tattoo to be drawn. When the picture is displayed, touch the Tattoo button at the bottom to choose one of the tattoos to try.

Tattoo My Photo

There are multiple categories of tattoos that you can browse through and choose one of the tattoos that  you like. Some of the tattoos are free but others that have a small lock over them are paid-only tattoos. As soon as you choose a tattoo, it is dropped on your picture. You can move the tattoo, rotate it and resize it to suit your needs. Just place the tattoo where you would want it to be drawn for example on your legs, back or arms.

You can touch the Confirm button and save the picture to your phone. Now you can share this picture with your friends to surprise them, play a prank on them or ask their opinion about your new tattoo.

Tattoo My Photo

Conclusion: You can try out new tattoos on your smartphone before you have them done in a tattoo shop using the free Tattoo My Photo app. This app has hundreds of tattoos that you can try and pick for yourself.

You can get the Tattoo My Photo app for Android from