How to Download Your Google Search History

Google has been the number one search engine for a very long time. Many kids who have just started to get familiar with the amazing world of the internet know no other search engine but Google. Google is so popular that Oxford dictionary had to accept the word “google” as a verb meaning “searching on the internet”. Billions of people search thousands of things on Google everyday. But do you know that you can actually view and download your Google search history to your computer? Yes, Google allows you to download the history of all the things that you searched in the correct chronological order to your computer.

Here is how you can download your Google search history to your computer:

  1. Use any web browser and navigate it to This page will ask you to sign in using your Google credentials.
  2. After you have signed in to your Google account, you would be able to view your Google search history for everyday since the time you started to use Google. Obviously if you have turned off Google search history or have used it without signing in, then you won’t see much of the search history.Download Google Search History
  3. In order to download your Google search history, click on the gear-like icon and select Download.
  4. Google will show you a warning concerning your privacy and security. You can read through all the information (recommended) and then click on Create Archive button.Download Google Search History
  5. A ZIP archive file shall be created and saved into your Google Drive account. The creation may take some time, depending on the amount of data. You can find the related message in your GMail Inbox and follow the directions to download when the archive is ready.

Conclusion: Google search history can be downloaded easily from your Google account. It is saved in your Google Drive account and contains a JSON data file which contains all your Google search terms complete with the timestamps.