Prevent Overcharging with Battery 100% Alarm for Android

I usually plug-in the battery charger to the wall socket, connect it to my phone and forget about it. A few hours later when I check the phone, it is fully charged. But this wastes a lot of electricity. The smartphones today use latest battery technology and they get fully charged in around one hour. Keeping the battery charger plugged in to the power outlet not only results in an increased electricity bill, but wastes the electric energy unnecessarily that could otherwise be used by someone else. Not to mention the ill effect of the electricity wastage has on the environment and the impending threat of the global warming.

So on the Earth Day this year (22nd April 2015), I decided to do my part and take an action about saving the energy being wasted on the mobile battery charger. And it was actually very easy – I just installed an app called Battery 100% Alarm on my Android smartphone that warns me when the battery charge reached 100%, i.e., it gets fully charged. As soon as I hear the alarm, I can disconnect the phone charger from the power outlet and save the electricity that was going to be wasted otherwise.

Battery 100% Alarm

In the Battery 100% Alarm, you can choose the alarm of your choice, its volume level, whether the phone should vibrate, whether it should inform you before or after the battery is fully charged etc.

Some people think that as soon as the battery is fully charged, the phone charger stops automatically. But this is not the case. The phone charger continues to convert the electricity from AC to DC non-stop as long as it is connected to the wall outlet. Although the power consumed by a standard phone charger is not very large, it soon adds up and starts to show in your electricity bill.

Conclusion: You can save the wastage of electricity by using a simple app called battery 100% Alarm that notifies you audibly when your phone battery is fully charged. This way you can remove the hone charger from power outlet and save the energy from being wasted.

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