Access Reading List in Mozilla Firefox for Desktop Computers

Although most of us feel more comfortable with mobile devices and tablet computers when reading ebooks, online articles, or news in general, but the large screen size and the powerful processing capabilities of a desktop computer stay unchallenged even today. Reading online articles on the large desktop screen is healthier for the eyes too, as you do not have to stay very close to the screen and it reduces the stress on the eyes considerably. Perhaps this is why Mozilla decided to include the Reading List feature in the desktop version of the Firefox browser. Reading List is a feature in Firefox using which you can save any webpage for later reading if you do not have time to read it at the moment.

While the Reading List feature for Firefox in Android has been available for some time, it is recently introduced in the desktop version of Firefox. Before you can start using this feature, you will have to enable Reading List in Firefox by switching the setting browser.readinglist.enabled to true. After this you can use the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + R to toggle the Reading List sidebar on or off.

Access Firefox Reading List

Similar to the Android version of Firefox, you can add any webpage to the reading list by hovering the mouse cursor on the reading mode icon and then clicking on the plus icon. Once a webpage has been added to the reading list, it can be accessed from the reading list sidebar.

Access Firefox Reading List

Of course, you can make your reading experience a whole lot better by switching to the reading mode. As in Android version of Firefox, you have to click on the reading mode icon in the address bar to flip it on or off. In the reading mode, you can increase or decrease the font size, change background color or remove a webpage from the reading list etc.

Access Firefox Reading List

Conclusion: You can access the Reading List in Firefox using the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R, but only after you have enabled it in the settings. Reading list feature of Firefox provides easy way of saving webpages for later reading.

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