Adding Webpages to the Reading List in Firefox

Internet is one gigantic source of knowledge related to anything you can imagine of. Think of something, google it and you will find so much information about that topic that it will take many lifetimes to go through it. Unfortunately most of the information on the internet is available in the text format and it takes time to read all these knowledge rich articles on various web sites. If you do not have time right now but would like to finish reading something later on, then you can use the Reading List feature of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

The Reading List in Firefox is basically a way to put interesting articles you have found online on the back burner because you do not have time to read them all at the present time. So whenever you have free time, you can open the reading list and finish off these items at your own pace.

Firefox Reading List

Adding web pages to the reading list in Mozilla Firefox for Android is very simple. In order to add a web page to the reading list, open that web page in Firefox and press the menu button (near the bottom edge of Android device). From the menu, you can touch the “add to reading list” icon to add it to the reading list.

Once a web page is added to the reading list, you can open a new tab and swipe left any times to access the Reading List section. In this section, you will find all the web pages that you have added to the reading list. When you access these web pages, they automatically open in the reading mode. After you have finished reading these pages, you can remove them from the reading list by touching the small bin icon.

Firefox Reading List

Conclusion: You can add web pages to the Reading List in Firefox which can help you save some of the web pages for later reading. This is a great feature for people who cannot read something at present but may later find some time later for reading.