Enable Reading List in Mozilla Firefox

Every few weeks later Mozilla releases a new version of the Firefox browser and with each new version comes a curiosity as to what is new in this new released version. This time, with Firefox version 38, Mozilla has added the Reading List feature in its very basic form. The reading list feature allows you to basically add various web pages to your reading list that you can access any time you want. If you have used the Firefox browser in an Android based smart phone then you already know about the reading list. Reading list also makes it very easy to read the contents on any web page by removing non-text elements, changing the background color and adjusting the font size.

While it is enabled in the Firefox browser for Android by default, you will have to manually enable this Reading List feature in the desktop versions of the browser. Here is how you can enable the Reading List in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar and press Enter.
  2. Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise button to continue.Firefox Reading List
  3. In the settings list search box type reading to look for the setting we want to change.
  4. Locate browser.readinglist.enabled and double-click on it to change its value to true. This will enable the Reading List feature in your Firefox browser.Firefox Reading List
  5. Wait for the Reading List to be synced through you Mozilla Firefox account from the Firefox browser of your smart phone to that of your desktop PC.

Conclusion: The Reading List feature in Mozilla Firefox can be enabled easily and it could be useful for some of you who spend a lot of time reading various types of interesting and useful articles on different web sites. The Reading List allows you to comfortably read the text on the sites that you have added to the list.


  1. there is zero integration between firefox for iOS and firefox desktop. This sux!! Pocket sux!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip but it is not working in Firefox 42. The search doesn’t show anything similar to “browser.readinglist.enabled”. Any idea?

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