ASUS Photo Collage : Create Stunning Photo Collages in Android

More pictures are being shot worldwide today than ever in the history of humankind. This has been possible because of the cheap digital cameras and smartphones  that come equipped with high resolution cameras. But this has started an entirely new problem – when you are taking so many pictures every day, it becomes very difficult to choose which ones you want to print. The only possible solution is to make a collage of all the pictures you like. This is where the ASUS Photo Collage app can help you out. This app can create stunning photo collages that you can print or share with your friends over social networks.

ASUS Photo Collage starts with giving you three options – collages, magazines, and photo effects. The first option creates a photo collage of pictures that you select, the second option creates a magazine effect using your pictures and the third option lets you play with some of the one-touch color effects. In any of these, the first thing you have to do is select one of the templates – but you can change these later on too. The second the pictures. You can take a new picture using the phone camera or select the ones already present in your SD card.

ASUS Photo Collage

After this the app applies the selected template and shows you the preview. You can change the templates any time and see the preview right away. You can also add custom text if you want. To make the text look more amusing, there are hundreds of smilies at your avail too. Finally, you can save the edited picture and either print it on your printer or share it with your friends.

ASUS Photo Collage

ASUS Photo Collage can create stunning photo collages and add interesting photo effects to your pictures. It can be used to create personal picture messages on special days like Valentine’s day or Mother’s day.

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