Create Strong Passwords with Dalenryder Password Generator

These days when new types of malware and hack attacks are in the news all the time, you have to employ some of the basic rules to stay safe and secure. Two simple rules to stay safe from hacking and malware attacks are – keep regular backups and use strong passwords. If you follow these two rules than almost half of your problems related to security could disappear. We have mentioned several easy to use backup programs on this site many times, for example, EvaCopy Backup, EaseUS Todo Backup, Uranium Backup and more. Similarly, we have talked about various password generators before like Norton Password Generator, IOBit Random Password etc. Dalenryder Password Generator is also a similar password generator program.

Dalenryder is both a password generator and password manager application for Windows. You can pick one of several tools that it offers from the main window – quick password, password generator, PIN generator, password manager, password checker, text encryption etc.

Dalenryder Password Generator

In the password generator, you can choose the character sets, length, custom characters, symbols, and click on the generate button to generate a single password. If you want to generate more than one password, then you can keep generating the passwords one at a time and find them all under the List Passwords section.

Dalenryder Password Generator

Some of the services requires using a PIN code instead of a password. For example, the ATM machines require you to use a PIN code for withdrawing the cash and accessing the bank account. You can use the PIN code generator to create a strong PIN code for these purposes.

Dalenryder Password Generator

If you have thought of a strong password yourself then you can check the password strength using the Dalenryder password check feature. It will show you the password quality using the phrases and color bars like bad, good, very good etc.

Dalenryder Password Generator

Dalenryder Password Generator is a simple password generator and password manager. It also comes with PIN generator, password quality check tool, text encryption tool and more.

You can download Dalenryder Password Generator from

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