avast! GrimeFighter Cleans Junk & Cache on Android

Your smartphone works great when you first take it out from the package box. But after a few months of usage, something happens and it ceases to be that spry as it once was. Although it could also be hardware related, but chances are more that it is getting slower because of gunk being accumulated on the storage media. The piling up of junk files and app cache can make the Android based smart phones lose the smoothness of operation and apps may take a very long time to respond. The popular security firm avast! has come with avast! GrimeFighter for Android that is able to clean up all the junk files and app cache to boost the performance of your device.

avast GrimeFighter for Android

avast! GrimeFighter for Android is not very different from the avast! GrimeFighter for Windows PC. It offers to clean your device safely in such a manner that the removal of the junk files and app data cannot cause any problems in the regular operation of the device. You are also given an option to configure Safe Clean before continuing, but it is not necessary. The app shows whirlpool animation while cleaning the system junk.

avast GrimeFighter for Android

In addition to the Safe Clean feature, it also allows you to fully configure which items should be cleaned through the Advanced Cleaning. Here you can choose to remove selected apps, app data, user generated files, media files, downloaded files and so on. It also has a feature called Transfer to Cloud which lets you put some of your files on the cloud – freeing up the local storage space and making your device work faster.

avast GrimeFighter for Android

Verdict: avast! GrimeFighter can be the life saver of your aging Android smartphone or tablet and boost its performance in more ways than one. It can clean up the system off junk files, app cache and other type of gunk that could be slowing down your device.

You can download avast! GrimeFighter for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.cleaner.

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