F-Secure Booster Cleans & Optimizes Android

An Android device is no different from a PC when it comes to the accumulation of junk files and other obsolete data that could result in the slowing down of its general performance. The only difference could be in the storage paths where these junk files are hidden on a PC and an Android phone. On a typical Android device, most of the space is wasted by app cache, app data, downloaded files, and the files left behind by the apps that you have already uninstalled. The free F-Secure Booster app can take care of all these problems and clean all these unnecessary files to free up the storage space in your device.

F-Secure Booster is able to clean the junk files, delete traces and speed up the system by closing unneeded processes running in the background. By closing some of the background processes, it also improves the overall battery performance of your device.

The F-Secure Booster app for Android has different sections for specific tasks – speeding up your system, cleaning up junk files, and deleting traces. In the Speed Up section, it can close some of the background processes and apps, freeing up the system resources (RAM and processing power) consumed by them. This makes your device a tad faster and makes the battery last a little longer.

F-Secure Booster for Android

In the Delete Traces section, it is able to identify and remove some of the private traces such as the phone numbers you called or the calls you received, web browser history for various browsers installed and so on. You can choose to remove all the traces by tapping on the Delete Traces button.

F-Secure Booster for Android

In the Clean Up Storage section, it is also able to remove the junk files, app cache, app data, and other types of files that could be taking up a considerable portion of the storage space on your device. You can also uninstall some of the apps that you don’t really use from this section to gain some extra space.

Verdict: F-Secure Booster can make your Android device run a little faster, cleaner and smoother. By closing some of the unneeded processes, it can also improve the battery life and overall stability of the device.

You can download F-Secure Booster app from https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/booster.