Safe Startup Manages Auto-Startup Programs in Windows

In all operating systems, some of the programs run at the startup. Some of these auto-starting programs close down after running for a short time while the others keep running in the background. Windows is no different to auto-startup programs. You will be be surprised to find out how many programs launch when you power on your Windows PC. Many of the auto-starting programs are crucial and useful for the smooth operation of the Windows. At the same time, some of the programs are just wasting your system resources and are completely unnecessary. Moreover some of the auto-starting programs could be malicious in nature. You can manage these auto-starting programs in Windows using the free utility Safe Startup.

Safe Startup

Safe Startup for Windows is not just a manager for the auto-starting programs, but it can also monitor Windows and inform you of any new programs being added to be automatically launched on the next sign-in or startup. It scans all the locations where programs usually create entries to be launched at Windows startup and shows them all in a list. You can categorize the programs based on the security certificate (authenticode signed programs), approval status and the startup types (services, links or programs) etc.

Safe Startup

You can approve or reject any of these startup entries and enable or disable them. If the startup items have been deleted before, then you can restore the deleted items by clicking on the Restore button and following the directions. You will have to restart the PC for the restoration to be complete. This program keeps running in the background to always monitor new records for auto-startup, and it will remove undesired items if they will appear again.

Safe Startup

In the settings for the Safe Startup, you can choose whether you want it to monitor Windows for new auto-startup entries. You can also choose if you want it to choose for new auto-starting entries once or keep monitoring the system all the time. In order to speed up checking the entries, you can choose to ignore some of the entries, for example, signed programs, system services or SVCHOST related processes.

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