Quick Erase : Securely & Irrecoverably Delete Files

Deleting files in your Windows PC does not really erases the entire data of those files, but just clears their record. Unless you overwrite the data of such files, these files and their data can be easily recovered by anyone using special tools like Recuva. In order to securely erase files so that they cannot be recovered in the future, you can use a free tool called Quick Erase. This freeware tool uses a dozen different secure deletion methods that make the file recovery impossible even by professionals. You can use Quick Erase to securely delete all your sensitive files  that you do not want others to recover later. This is very useful when selling your old computers to some stranger or giving it away in charity.

Quick Erase

Quick Erase is a portable application for Windows that has a minimal user interface. After launching Quick Erase, you see only a small window on which you are supposed to drag and drop files for deletion. Any files you drop on this window will be erased using a secure erasing method configured in the settings. Before the actual deletion begins, it asks you for confirmation and if you click Yes, it proceeds to securely erase the files.

Quick Erase

In the settings you can choose one erase patterns from twelve different ones available. All the popular file erasing patterns (methods) are available including British HMG, DoD, RCMP, VSITR and GOST. A method with more complex pattern and more number of overwrites will take more time for completion. Other options include renaming the file after overwriting, changing the file dates, showing warning before overwriting and more.

Quick Erase

Quick Erase is a simple, portable Windows application using which you can securely delete files. It supports very powerful erase methods so care must be taken as ones it erases the files, they become completely irrecoverable.

You can download Quick Erase from http://www.rizonesoft.com/software/quick-erase/.

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