Tabbt : Efficiently Split the Expenses Among Friends

Every time I have to split the bill at a restaurant with my friends, it reminds me of the popular sitcom Seinfeld in which George, Elaine and Jerry were always arguing about who should pay how much. And actually it is not very far from the real life where we sometimes forget how much we really had to pay and then bicker about it like a married couple. Fortunately, now there is an app called Tabbt that can help you out keep a tab of how the bill is split and who has to pay how much. This way you can pay your friends, or they can pay you at any time they want and you do not have to worry about anyone forgetting about their share.

The Tabbt app works like a ledger where you add your financial events along with the people you share the bill with. Every person involved has to install this app on their smartphones and sign-in using Google or facebook accounts. Now whenever you split the bill with one or more of your friends, you can simply click on the large + icon and follow the guidelines.

Tabbt : Pay Together

Typically, you have to give the event name (e.g., Coffee), select the friends you split the bill with, enter the total bill amount you have paid, and how much of the bill each of your friends is going to share. By default, it splits the bill amount equally among all the people, for example, if the bill is for $15.00, and there are three people, then it sets $5.00 in each person’s share. But you can change the share as you please. Once this is done, all your connected friends receive a copy of the tab in the Tabbt app installed on their phone. They can later pay the share using PayPal or other methods.

Tabbt : Pay Together

Tabbt is a great app for keeping a tab on how much each of your friends owe you when you jointly spend some money on taxi fares, buying presents, or ordering a meal at a restaurant. This app can reduce a lot of headache along friends who love to do everything together.

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