How to Use Emojis from Windows 10 Touch keyboard

When chatting online on various sites and when engaging in meaningless conversations on Facebook and Twitter, I often find people using great looking emojis. At first I thought these guys are on iPhone and have a battery of emojis to their avail. While this is true that smartphone users can have hundreds of emojis for their use, you can have hundreds of emojis for yourself too even when on a Windows 10 PC. The in-built touch keyboard in Windows 10 comes packed with hundreds of interesting emojis and is available for everyone even on computers that do not have touch enabled screen.

Here is how you can use the emojis from the Windows 10 touch keyboard:

  1. Right-click on the Windows taskbar and select Show touch keyboard button from the context-menu. This will place the touch keyboard icon in the system tray.Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Emojis
  2. Click on the touch keyboard button to start the touch keyboard and make it appear on your screen.Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Emojis
  3. When the touch keyboard appears on your screen, click on the small smiley button in it to switch it to the emoji mode.Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Emojis
  4. You can select from many different sets of the emojis – smilies, hearts, food, transportation, party, and many more. You can use your mouse to use these emojis and type them into any window that is in the focus. If you have a touchscreen enabled PC, then you already know how to use the touch keyboard.Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Emojis

The Windows 10 touch keyboard is a hidden mine of emojis of all kinds. You can use this touch keyboard to insert emojis into your social networking comments and posts to make them look more interesting.