CLCL : Tiny Clipboard Manager for Windows

Last month when Microsoft released Windows 10, users found many new features in this new version of Windows. These were the features like virtual desktops for which Windows users had to depend on third party tools in the older versions of Windows. But as far as clipboard contents are concerned, we still have to use some of the third party clipboard managers. We have posted about such clipboard manager apps like Ditto before on TrishTech. CLCL is also a similar software that packs all the essential clipboard manager features in a small portable program.

CLCL is a very small portable program that starts to work as soon as you launch it – you do not really have to change any settings. It starts to monitor your clipboard contents – no matter what type they are – text, image, metadata etc. It supports unicode text, so it can manage all types of characters. You can click on the notification area icon to open the CLCL list containing all the clipboard items copied by you in the past.

CLCL Clipboard Manager


It keeps a list of last 30 clipboard items by default and you can click on any of these items to copy them back to clipboard. Right-clicking on the CLCL notification area icon opens up the main CLCL window from where you can manage the clipboard history – copy the items to the clipboard, delete the items, move the items up or down etc.

CLCL Clipboard Manager

In the settings for the CLCL, you can choose the maximum number of clipboard items to keep in the history, whether history should be saved when you exit the program, whether to avoid duplicate history etc. You can also assign hotkeys and notification area menu settings from here.

CLCL Clipboard Manager

CLCL is a tiny clipboard manager for Windows and does its job very well. It can be used to maintain a history of your clipboard items, copy them back and forth to the clipboard, delete the history items if not needed and more.

You can download the CLCL clipboard manager from


  1. right click on clcl-icon opens windows – preferences menue only
    cannot reach what you call “main menue”
    any hints ?

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