How to Update Kingston SSD Firmware with Kingston Toolbox

Solid state disks (SSD) are slowly replacing the older hard disks drives (HDD) because of their obvious advantages. Some of these advantages of SSD include improved energy efficiency and faster data access speed compared to the older HDD technology. To make the SSD disks give their best performance you have to keep them updated with the latest version of the firmware. Although it sounds very difficult thing to do, it is actually very easy to update the SSD firmware for Kingston SSD disks using the Kingston Toolbox. This small program can show you basic SSD details, and help you update the SSD firmware easily.

Kingston Toolbox works only with the Sand-force based SSDs. You can use it to read the SSD serial numbers, firmware versions, S.M.A.R.T. attributes and update the firmware. As you launch this utility (it must be run with Administrator privileges), it displays all the attached SSDs. You can select one of the attached SSDs and it will display all of its information like the model number, capacity, serial number, firmware version, remaining lifetime and so on.

Kingston Toolbox

If you switch to the Tools section, you will find the option to update the firmware of the selected SSD. You can click on the Firmware Update button to start the update process. If a new firmware is available for your SSD, then it will be downloaded and flashed to your SSD. You will be notified when the firmware update is completed.

Kingston Toolbox

Kingston Toolbox is useful to keep a close eye on the Kingston SSD remaining lifetime and their health status. It can also be used to find the basic information about the SSDs and update them to the latest firmware version.

You can download Kingston Toolbox from