How to Manage Blocked Senders in Gmail & Unblock Them

Google recently introduced a new feature for Gmail that allows you to block anyone sending you unsolicited or annoying email messages. You can just block the senders of such unwanted email messages and they will disappear from your Gmail inbox forever. The future email messages from such blocked users will be automatically send to the Trash folder. This is very convenient and helps rid of those pesky people who keep sending you repulsive messages. However, in case you accidentally block someone that you do not want to block and keep receiving messages from, you can easily unblock them from the Gmail settings.

Here is how you can manage blocked senders and unblock them in Gmail:

  1. Open Gmail ( in your web browser and sign-in to your account.
  2. Click on settings icon (the one that looks like gears) near the top-right corner and then select Settings from the menu that opens up.Gmail Manage Blocklist
  3. When the settings page opens up, select Filters & Blocklist section to see the people you have blocked previously.
  4. It will show a list of email addresses that you have blocked before. In order to block any one of these senders, you can click on Unblock next to a sender’s email address in the blocklist.Gmail Manage Blocklist
  5. You can also unblock multiple senders all at once by selecting one or more of the senders (place a checkmark against each of the checkboxes for the blocked senders) and then clicking on the Unblock selected senders button.
  6. It will show you a final confirmation message before unblocking a sender. You have to click on the Unblock button in this message and the unblocking of the sender is finally completed.Gmail Manage Blocklist

Gmail allows easy blocking of the senders who regularly send you undesired messages. You can unblock the blocked senders easily later on from the Gmail settings. This is useful in case you have accidentally blocked a sender.