How to Mass Delete Your Twitter Posts with TwitWipe

Twitter started out as a 140 character message experiment and has now become the second most popular social networking tool that this world has to offer. Now it is no longer length restrained messaging app, but it allows you to post video tweets and live video broadcasts through the companion mobile app Periscope. But the more you involve yourself in everyday tweeting activities, the more trouble it might become for you if your employer or spouse decides to skim through your past tweets. It could be embarrassing for you when your girlfriend finds out that you re-tweeted some anti-feminist tweets or in the worst case scenario, you may lose your job if some disparaging tweets get discovered by your boss.

If you have tweets only in the vicinity of a hundred or two hundreds, then you can gladly spend your afternoon deleting them. But more likely than not, you may have thousands of tweets and it is simply impossible to manually delete them one-by-one. This is where TwitWipe can be of immense use – it can mass delete your tweets, no matter how old they are, in one go.

TwitWipe Mass Deletes All Tweets

As with any app that works with Twitter, you start by authorizing TwitWipe with your Twitter account. After this, it asks you if you are really, really sure about deleting all of your tweets. Upon receiving an affirmative answer, it goes to the work right away.

TwitWipe Mass Deletes All Tweets

You are displayed the detailed progress information – the number of tweets present in the start, the number of tweets deleted and a progress bar. It advises you not to close the browser window or tab otherwise it would stop deleting your tweets.

TwitWipe Mass Deletes All Tweets

In my experience, it worked without any problems and deleted more than 900 tweets in one go without any problems. The time taken for deleting 900+ tweets was around 3 minutes. So if you are looking for a comfortable and quick way to trash all of your tweets, then you can use TwitWipe web app.

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