Break Mouse Barriers with Borderless Unlimited Mouse

Ever since the invention of the computer mouse, it has stayed limited to the confines of the screen borders. You can move the mouse pointer it to the top, bottom, left or the right edges of your computer screen, but it won’t go beyond these borders. The engineers must have thought of some reasons before setting up a design like this. But sometimes we find it a little difficult to work with the mouse limited by the screen edges. What if the mouse was free to jump across the opposite edges? What if you could move the mouse pointer across one edge of the screen and it would come out of opposite edge?

The freeware Boorderless Unlimited Mouse aims to achieve exactly that. It frees up the mouse from its traditional barriers and makes it truly unlimited. Borderless Unlimited Mouse is a portable software for Windows using which you can use the mouse pointer without worrying about the movement restrictions of the screen edges.

Borderless Unlimited Mouse

As you launch the program, it sits itself in the system tray with all the settings enabled. This means that it removes both the vertical and horizontal screen limitations by default. You can double-click on the system tray icon to open the main Borderless Unlimited Mouse window. This window appears to have no borders – perhaps this is done intentionally to show the purpose of the program – to remove the border barriers for the mouse.

Borderless Unlimited Mouse

In the main window, it displays the settings where you can enable or disable the horizontal or vertical limitations for the mouse cursor for all the screen edges separately – top, left, bottom or the right screen edges. There is also a message about what you should expect in the future versions (hot corners).

You can download the Bordeless Unlimited Mouse from